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Addiction, Alcoholism & The 3 Principles

Mar 22, 2023

Sydney Banks 5-minute story of an alcoholic father, told from a suffering son’s perspective. Syd said, “Did you ever look at your father when he was alcoholic and sad, and see that he was living in hell? 3 months later, Now, we are the best of friends.
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Mar 7, 2023

As promised, here is the 20-minute PART 2 of the TAWHID Podcast, the 3P MUSLIM ADDICTION SUPPORT GROUP in NIGERIA which begins with how a client in RELAPSE quickly and easily rebounded into his spiritual identity and good feelings with the help of the Support Group. Following questions answered by the group was, “

Mar 4, 2023

In this 30 minutes TAWHID Podcast Part 1, the 3P MUSLIM ADDICTION SUPPORT GROUP in NIGERIA discusses “What does the support group mean to each of its members, ”Why is it important in Addiction,” “Why Nigeria has become the 1st Muslim 3P Addiction Support Group” and “Why is community really important?”

Feb 13, 2023

In this 9-minute podcast, Harry shares with Cecilia Hector HOW he deliver the process of healing and how it was complimented by observing Sydney Banks. This extract is from the webinar "What is healing from a spiritual-psychological perspective--Part 3."

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Feb 10, 2023

This Podcast is a 18 minute extract from an earlier webinar & Group Discussion on BLIND SPOTS, SETBACKS, & INSIGHTS. Stories by various participants highlight how to break through the blind spots of our lives, and how ego is fooling us, whether we are in Addiction Recovery or not.
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